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Scotch Whisky Brand Gordon & MacPhail Launches 74 Year Old


Scotch whisky brand Gordon & MacPhail rolled out another expression to its portfolio. The  74-year-old single malt whisky became the newest addition from Glenlivet Distillery to its Private Collection.

According to the distillery, the new spirit initiated the aging process in a refill Sherry butt on New Year’s Day 1949. The whisky matured to date and was bottled this year, 74 years later.  The expression is one of the oldest Glenlivet released by Gordon & MacPhail and the last from the 1949 casket.

In addition, Gordon & MacPhail 1949 is not the only 74-year-old to be released this year by the distillery.  Earlier this year, another expression from Speyside distillery Glen Grant was also created in honor of the king’s coronation.

Scotch Whisky Brand Salutes Excellence

However, Gordon & MacPhail 1949 is rather unique in both taste and flavor.  The Scotch whisky which was released at an ABV of 49.3%, has rich, crushed fruit aromas timbered with cinnamon, solid leather, clementine, and solvent polish. As Dave Broom reiterated in his article, he said

“To find a whisky of this age is absolutely extraordinary. What comes across immediately is the fruit – there’s richness and there’s depth. You have this wonderful interplay of distillery character, of oak and oxygen. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

“When you taste it, you taste time. You can taste all the vintages and everything that’s happened. The concentration of fruits, the layers, and the complexity are off the scale. You’d think it’s an old whisky but it’s not just an old whisky. It’s an extraordinary whisky.”

In further details, a note from the company’s website indicated that the whisky had been on display at the Dubai International Airport until September 19. From September 20, the expression will be available worldwide.

Ewen Mackintosh, managing director at Gordon & MacPhail, said:

“Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Glenlivet Distillery is extremely scarce – our very last cask of Glenlivet from 1949 – making it a must for whisky enthusiasts looking to savor a remarkable greatly aged single malt exuding layers of character and decades of maturation expertise.”

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