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Seth Myers Receives Heineken Cutout As Holiday Gift


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Holiday gift ideas continue to emerge for the 2020 holiday gift-giving season and one of the latest to emerge on the holiday gift-giving landscape is a cutout offered by Heineken. One such cutout was received by late night talk show host Seth Myers from his brother, Josh.

Heineken is offering a chance to send a giant facsimile of yourself to a loved one. People who go to can upload their selfie, add some Heineken-provided digital enhancements, fill out an entry form and enter to win the sweepstakes.

Heineken will select 1,150 first-prize winners – then they will send a larger cardboard selfie of you (and a six-pack) to the person of your choice. Four other grand prize winners get a $2,500 gift certificate for the airline of their choice so they can visit, in person, later.

Meyers received just such a cardboard cutout from his brother, Josh, as part of a Heineken promotion on the show.

If you are not selected as a contest winner, you can add the Heineken holiday-themed filters to existing, smaller selfies and send off a smaller, internet-sized version of yourself to friends. (All selfies consist of head and torso to avoid any lower torso shenanigans).

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