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WC Cautiously Tries Suspect Distilling Whiskey


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WhiskyCritic had the opportunity recently to sample some of the flavored whiskey products offered by Suspect Distilling [based in Enumclaw, Washington] and depending on what you expect, it was about what you would expect.

WC’s personal favorite among the group of four flavored whiskies that were offered was Strawberry Mint. Let’s face it, if you are sampling flavored whiskies, then that means you have to have at least a tiny affinity for some element of the whiskey that is attracting you toward the bottle, otherwise, most humans would instantly hate it. In this case, WC likes both strawberries and mint and – to some degree – Suspect’s Strawberry Mint offering gave some indications of both flavors. It is not likely to be a go-to whiskey drink at a bar in the near future but it is also not one that you should automatically turn your nose up and refuse. At least give it a try, it does have some pleasant qualities.

WC stuck with the Strawberry Mint but other flavors offered were Cold Brew, Pineapple Jalapeno and Spiced Apple.

At the end of the day, it probably would not be wise to make any flavored whiskey the focus of your imbibing adventures but if, on occasion, you happen to come across a flavor of Suspect Distilling that you feel may tickle your fancy, then WC encourages you to give it a shot [both literally and figuratively].

WC awards Suspect Distilling’s Strawberry Mint Whiskey with a slightly above average 77 out of 100 score.

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