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Labrot & Graham Woodford Single Barrel Reserve


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The Woodford Bourbon Single Barrel Reserve has received a lot of great reviews from connoisseurs of dry bourbons.  This Kentucky bourbon from the Labrot & Graham Distillery in Versailles is a distinctive deep orange color and easily recognizable for its unique shade.  The smell which greets my nose when I open the bottle is mostly oak and charcoal but with a bit of vanilla and possibly something fruity, but I can’t be sure.  There isn’t much sweet going on here, but that was to be expected from the description.

Sure enough, when I tried this bourbon I was amazed at its dryness; there is nothing sweet at all in the flavor, and I don’t taste that bit of fruity vanilla.  What I do taste is powerful oak notes peppered with spice.  At mid-palate I can taste corn, true to the Woodford Bourbon’s Kentucky origin.  The finish is long and tastes mostly of oak, and only now does a bit of that sweetness punch through the dry flavors: like cocoa and toasty honey and something fruity.  I don’t taste the floral notes which some reviewers have alluded to, but I gather that the flavors do vary a bit from bottle to bottle.  Some reviewers have also said they taste some sweetness in the beginning, but I didn’t.

The Woodford Bourbon Single Barrel Reserve retails between $25.00-$40.00, which is a pretty wide range.  I got my bottle online for $31.00 and was quite happy with it; I could even see paying more for it, particularly if you enjoy dry bourbons a lot.  This is a very flavorful bourbon which provides a unique experience.  There is a lot of evolution from the start of the palate to the finish, and every moment of this drink is fully satisfying and delicious.

Color: Deep orange.

Nose:  Oak, charcoal, vanilla, fruit.

Taste: Oak, spice, corn, honey, fruit.

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  1. Sam

    February 18, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    But the photo is incorrect. It is of the standard Small Batch Reserve.
    Have a closer look….
    But it is still a heck of a dram.
    Just thought I would point it out, as not to confuse the readers.

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