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Blue Spot Resurfaces After 56 Years With New Irish Whiskey


When Blue Spot Irish whiskey was last available, the world was a much different place – but also, in some ways, not too different – the year was 1964 and we were being told that flying cars were in our future. Instead, we got the internet and now, a newly re-imagined Blue Spot.

The re-imagined Blue Spot Irish whiskey has been matured for seven years in bourbon, sherry and Madeira casks [reflecting the the original Spot Whiskeys from the early 1900s], bottled at 58.7% alcohol by volume [117.4 proof] and is said to contain notes of apples, hazelnuts and sweet spices.

Blue Spot is being made available for $95 per bottle in Canada, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK with an expected release in the USA in February 2021.

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