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Glasgow Distillery Has A New Whisky With A Poorly Timed Name – Malt Riot


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With current events unforeseen weeks, months or years ago when it was being produced, Glasgow Distillery can be somewhat let off the hook in announcing the release of their newest blended malt whisky – Malt Riot – which is obviously not connected to the current events surrounding the death of George Floyd but rather by the story of the malt tax protests across Scotland that began in 1725, with demonstrators demanding a reversal on the tax on malted barley in a more innocent time.

The story behind the malt riots in Scotland have malt stores being obstructed and excise men being chased from the city while protestors also destroyed the home of Daniel Campbell, Glasgow’s representative in parliament at the time, who had voted for the tax.

However – according to the Glasgow Distillery – Campbell was reimbursed for the damage to his home and used the funds to buy the Scottish island of Islay and part of Jura. He then encouraged local farmers to seed surplus barley and ignited the legal production of single malt Scotch whisky.

The Glasgow Distillery Company Malt Riot Blended Malt was bottled at 40% alcohol by volume [80 proof] and is said to contain notes of hyacinth, milk chocolate and pineapple and is recommended served over ice with ginger ale or in a Whisky Sour cocktail.

The Glasgow Distillery Malt Riot Blended Malt is being made available from the Glasgow Distillery website for $32 per bottle.

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