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If you are either from Texas, have been to Texas or have heard about Texas from your friends, it is likely that you know about the premier whiskey from that state, Balcones. However, as Texas is quite a large state – by American state standards – there is bound to be another premium brown spirit that would come along if only to avoid having to say or type Waco [where Balcones is made] too many times. That time has come and that brown liquor is called Herman Marshall, a bourbon made in Dallas and named after its creators, Herman Beckley and Marshall Louis. Unlike many of the bourbons and whiskies in the marketplace these days, Herman Marshall bourbon is going to bring more of a stern taste to your taste buds. Think pepper combined with backyard smoke from your summer BBQ and a little bit of vanilla – but not too much. HM uses only corn and barley for their bourbon – and the traditional white oak barrels, of course – which may be one reason why HM won a 2013 silver medal for artisanal bourbon from the American Distilling Institute.

Herman Marshall bourbon is 92 proof [46% alcohol] and runs for $40 per 750ml bottle of its particular version of heaven.

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