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Highland Park Reveals 50-Year-Old You Probably Can’t Buy


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But WC is going to tell you about it anyway because – technically – there are a few hundred bottles available for purchase and who are we to say you don’t have $28,000 in your bank account to spend on fancy-schmancy whisky? [If you can get it].

The original Highland Park 50-Year-Old single malt was re-matured for 12 years in first-fill sherry-seasoned casks and bottled at 43.8% alcohol by volume (87.6 proof) and the new Frankenstein whisky result is said to contain notes of apricots, black cherries, dark chocolate, espresso and light peat smoke.

Only 274 bottles of the new Highland Park 50 Year Old are being made available for a mere $27,435 per 700ml and 750ml bottle [depending on the market].

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