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Waterford Whisky Distillery launches New Peach Based Whiskies


Waterford Whisky Distillery has announced two new peach-based expressions. The Irish distillery is considered one of the world’s top peach whiskey producers.

A world leader in organic and biodynamic whiskies, Waterford Whisky Distillery claims its two new releases are the most heavily peated whiskies ever created in Ireland.

Waterford Whisky Distillery Peating Levels

Notably, the two whiskies – Peated: Lacken and Peated: Woodbrook – contain high levels of phenol from Irish peat, which creates smoky flavors when the barley is dried using the compounds released by the peat fires.

According to industry standards, a peating level of around 10 ppm is considered “light”. This results in a subtle smoke flavor. Around 25 ppm is considered a “medium” level and 40-50 ppm and higher is considered “heavy”. Producing an intense smoke flavor.

waterford whisky distillery

“Our ongoing exploration into the old ways of whisky-making has taken us, once again, to forgotten flavors of Irish peat, the original taste of Irish whisky,” said Mark Reynier, founder and CEO of Waterford Distillery.
“Having demonstrated the unique flavors from our first peated Single Farm Origins, and that terroir trumps peat, we decided to dial up the smoke.
“This new brace of Single Farm Origins – using Irish peat and Irish barley – have been peated to levels higher than most of the famous Islay whiskies, and certainly the most for an Irish whisky. And guess what? Those terroir flavors are still distinct and still apparent.”
Waterford Distillery was founded in 2015 by Mark Reynier, former co-owner of Bruichladdich. It’s actually a converted brewery that previously produced Guinness, another well-known Irish stout.  Actually, a group of private investors led by Reynier purchased the Victorian distillery on the isle of Islay in 2000 and revived it. The name was changed in 2015.

Waterford Distillery makes premium peach-based whiskey. Both Peated: Lacken and Peated: Woodbrook will be available to purchase on the distillery’s website.

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