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Pōkeno Whisky Takes its Unique Brand Worldwide


New Zealand-based distillery, Pōkeno Whisky, has launched one of its first international marketing campaign. The company is bound to tap into new whisky enthusiasts in Asian markets for its “new world” whisky.  The campaign is focused on the first single malt matured in barrels made from native New Zealand wood.

According to the company’s founder, Matt Johns, new markets will be launched every month – including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. He cites brands like Taiwan’s Kavalan and Amrut as inspiration for this. The distillery has launched 1,8000 bottles available in nine countries

The New Whisky-Making Process of Pokeno Distillery

Pokeno Whisky

In addition, Johns believes that traditional distilleries face greater challenges in terms of innovation since production volumes are greater and aging times are longer. he was critical of the aging time and process. He argues that due to the higher temperatures and increased humidity, whiskies maturing in sub-tropical climates mature five times faster than those in Scotland and Ireland.

“We kept the product in virgin Totara cask for six months, and it soaked up very smooth and powerful flavors after a short time. Leaving it in for much longer than for 10 or 12 years is not possible as it’ll evaporate,” Johns said.

The single malt whisky company was founded in September 2022 and uses products native to New Zealand for its production. Barley and Totara wood are directly sourced from the country.

Pōkeno is not the first brand to shorten the aging time of its whisky by using sub-tropical climates. Brass Lion Distillery has launched a whiskey distilled, barreled, and aged in Singapore.

A wash with high humidity and equatorial temperatures was tailored by Brass Lion Distillery and General Brewing Co. Maris Otter malt was used for fermentation, and thermotolerant yeast was used during fermentation for maximum protection from the local ambient temperature.

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