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WhiskyCritic Review – Aberlour 14


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WhiskyCritic took some time out of the busy schedule to test a couple samples of Aberlour 14-Year-Old – a Highland malt Scotch whisky of some repute.

Upon WC’s first taste, it was noted that Aberlour 14 was decent – not without its charm – but mostly unspectacular. However, upon further tastings, WC found that Aberlour 14 began to “grow on us” – as the saying goes – and seemed to become progressively better with each passing minute of time [or age, if you must]. What began as a rather indistinct, somewhat harsh taste, with only a hint of vanilla, became, through multiple tastings, a more buttery smooth and even floral taste by the end of the tasting session.

Depending on where you purchase it, a glass of Aberlour 14 should run you between $20 and $30 and WC would say it is well worth the price [especially if it is closer to the $20 end of the spectrum].

WC awards Aberlour 14 an 89 on a scale of 100.

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