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100-Year-Old Whiskey Evaporates Into Man’s Mouth


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John Saunders, a 62-year-old caretaker in Pennsylvania, was officially charged this week with stealing nearly half of the 104 bottles of Old Farm Pure Rye whiskey that was found in his landlord’s house and which he was supposed to be safeguarding. Well, he kept it safe alright – Saunders kept the contents of nearly 50 of those bottles safely residing in his mouth over the past few years until landlord Pat Hill discovered the absence of liquor and questioned him. Saunders claimed the missing liquor “must have evaporated” but a lab found a DNA link to Saunders on some of the bottles of the pre-Prohibition Era whiskey.

Old Farm Pure Rye whiskey was bottled between 1913 and 1917 and the 50 bottles consumed by Saunders was reported to be worth $100,000.

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