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Buffalo Trace Donates 2,022 Bottles To 501 Charities


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Kentucky-based Buffalo Trace Distillery has announced they are donating $2 million to charities through the sale of 2,022 bottles of bourbon.

Buffalo Trace will designate 501 charities worldwide to be the recipients of the bourbon [which they can then use for fundraising for their charity] and is encouraging non-profit organizations to register for a chance to win one of the bottles.

Five of the 2,022 donations will be six-litre bottles of Old Fashioned Copper (OFC) Bourbon, distilled in 1982, along with 300 limited edition Single Oak Project Bourbons (375ml), Weller and Blanton’s Bourbons, and some from the EH Taylor Jr collection, including the 18 Year Marriage bottling.

Non-profit organizations interested in participating can register through Buffalo Trace’s official website. Entries are open until March 31, 2022.

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