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Jefferson’s Bourbon Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review


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Jefferson’s Bourbon Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey seems to be a popular bourbon with good reviews.  Those reviews did state that as far as alcohol is concerned, this is a fairly light experience, even though the liquid itself is full-bodied and syrupy.  I became curious and eventually purchased a bottle for $30.00.  The bourbon is a striking deep orange color in the bottle, and I can tell from swirling it around that it’s pretty viscous.

I smell corn, vanilla, light char, and citrus upon opening the bottle.  This falls in line with what I’d picture given that Jefferson’s Small Batch (“very small batch” as the bottle indicates) has been allowed to age in barrels with only a very light char.  The result is intended to be a flavorful beverage which is easy to drink.

Not being a beginner in the world of bourbon, I find plenty of bourbons easy to drink—but if I was a beginner, I think I’d find Jefferson’s very approachable.  It tasted mostly of caramel and citrus, possibly lime, as well as grain.  The corn flavor is discernible but stays light.  Indeed, all of the flavors stay light, although this allows all of them to come through without any one of them dominating the experience.

As other reviewers have said, this experience is probably best suited to new drinkers, and I wouldn’t hesitate to offer it to a newbie.  For a veteran drinker it can be tasty, but perhaps packs less of a punch than most of us are used to.  You’ll find Jefferson’s Bourbon Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for sale for about $30.00 at most outlets; if you enjoy light bourbons, then you should consider it.  If you’re a new drinker, I highly suggest it.

  • Color:  Deep orange
  • Nose: Lime, char, corn, vanilla
  • Taste: Corn, lime, caramel, grain

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