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Whiskey Discovered By Vegas, Baby!


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Whiskey or whisky or bourbon or whatever you want to call it and however you want to spell it has always been easily found in Las Vegas from bottom of the barrel varieties to the well-aged, exquisitely coddled high end brown alcoholic liquids. The difference now during the whiskey boom is the relative shortage of fine whiskies coupled with the fact that the casinos have discovered they can now charge a few more dollars [okay, many more dollars] for certain various niches within the whiskey world. At the MGM Grand, they have purchased a single barrel of Woodford reserve – which already has our mouth salivating – that they will extract 228 bottles from and sell to casino patrons in specialty shots and cocktails beginning this month. Meanwhile, Aria is offering Woodford Reserve blended from two barrels, the Mirage has a single barrel of Jack Daniel’s and the Monte Carlo is touting a single barrel of Knob Creek.

Specialty shots of the Woodford Reserve at the MGM Grand will set you back $15 – while they last.

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