Whisky Finally Has Its Own Chips


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For years – decades even – whisky has not had a decent snack food to go along with its tasty brown liquor. That’s because whisky is high-end and has always been associated with Cuban cigars or that $70 rib-eye steak. But what about when you’re sitting on your deck enjoying a mere Dominican Republic cigar and just want a light snack accompaniment to your Macallan? Well, Mackie’s of Scotland has heard your wailing and responded with Whisky & Haggis-flavored potato crisps. We could probably do without the haggis portion of that tandem but the Scots can’t so it stays – but at least there is whisky flavoring in the chips. Mackie’s also produces other flavors – venison-and-cranberry, haggis-and-cracked black pepper and flame-grilled Aberdeen Angus.

For the time being, Mackie’s Whisky & Haggis-flavored potato crisps will only be available in Scotland, but there is a plan to import them to 20 countries [including the USA].

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