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Brora Introduces Trio Of Triptych Single Malts


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Former Highland distillery Brora has released a trio of single malts called the Brora Tryptych Collection.

But how can that be, you ask, when the distillery ceased operating in 1983? Well, because spirits giant Diageo purchased the distillery and embarked on a three-year restoration project – and the Brora Tryptych Collection will be the first single malts to bear fruit from that project. The Brora Tryptych trio are the creations of master blender Dr. Craig Wilson, who selected the vintage single malts for the collection.

The Brora Tryptych Elusive Legacy (bottled at 42.8% alcohol by volume – 85.6 proof) is a a 48-year-old single malt, matured in casks from 1972 and said to contain notes of malt, peach and wood spice.

The Brora Tryptych Age of Peat (bottled at 48.6% alcohol by volume – 97.2 proof) is a 43-year-old single malted, heavily peated, matured in casks from 1977 and is said to contain notes of beeswax, green apples, vanilla and, of course, peat.

The Brora Tryptych Timeless Original (bottled at 47.5% alcohol by volume – 95 proof) is a 38-year-old single malt, matured in casks from expression from 1982 and is said to contain notes of grass, lemon peel and wax.

Each limited edition set of the Brora Triptych Collection will consist of three 500ml bottles and are being made available for $41,450 pet set [online via brora.com] beginning in May 2021.

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