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Coors Light Lobbies For Tom Flores


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Coors Light is promoting the former National Football League’s Oakland Raiders head coach, Tom Flores, to be inducted in the NFL’s Hall of Fame with a new advertising campaign.

The budget beer is brewed in Colorado [home of one of the Raiders’ arch-rival Denver Broncos] by parent company MolsonCoors, which is based in Chicago – home of another Raiders rival, Chicago Bears – but went “light” on those associations as they promoted “The Iceman” [as he was known for his cool demeanor] in the promotion.

Flores was the first Hispanic quarterback and head coach ever and, additionally, was the winning head coach in two Super Bowls, first for the Oakland Raiders in 1981 and then for the Los Angeles Raiders in 1984 and also was an assistant coach for the Oakland Raiders in their 1977 Super Bowl appearance.

Prior to his coaching, Flores was also the quarterback for the victorious Kansas City Chiefs in the 1969 Super Bowl.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt – from MolsonCoors/Coors Light’s perspective – that he was also once a Coors distributor.

From now through February 6, 2021, fans visiting can sign a petition of support for Flores that Coors Light intends to display on mobile billboard in Canton, Ohio [the home city of the NFL Hall of Fame], on the day of the vote. Visitors to the site will also be able to sign up for a rebate on a Coors Light six-pack.

Flores, now 83, told ESPN: “Although I have a good shot to be in the Hall this year, it’s still nice to get a little extra support from my favorite beer,” he said. “Self-promotion is not really my thing, but I admit that it’s flattering to see my picture on a Coors Light can.”

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