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First Drink of 2021 Is On Us, Says Bushmills


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Irish whiskey giant, Bushmills, is offering the first drink of 2021 [for USA consumers] to be on them with their #FirstWhiskey campaign effort.

Bushmills is offering USA consumers aged 21 and over to order Bushmills on its own or in a cocktail from a bar or restaurant, whether its purchased in person, for takeaway or delivery, then redeem the offer by taking a photo of the receipt and uploading it online at www.bushmills.com/firstwhiskey.

Consumers with valid receipts will receive a one-time repayment of up to $6 (paid through Venmo, Paypal or Amazon) on purchases from January 1 to 18 March 18, 2021 in participating US states.

The new campaign has been launched in support of liquor store venues and encourages drinkers to visit their local watering holes.

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