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Johnnie Walker Green Label


Johnnie Walker is without doubt one of the most well-known whisky blends in the world, and for good reason; their whiskies never fail to offer not only good value for money, but indeed high quality regardless of price. For those of you who like to read a bit of distillery history with your review, I would recommend that you check out my review of the Johnnie Walker Black Label as I have presented what I could find there.

Now, the black label is one of the cheapest Johnnie Walkers and as such it also serves, along with the red label, as their standard expression – the one most people would go for if faced with a shelf of JW’s and not quite knowing what they’re after – and they won’t be disappointed. There is, however, a general consensus amongst whisky lovers that spending an extra $12-16 and upgrading to the Green Label is highly worthwhile doing, and I would most certainly agree. Indeed, my hopes were high when I finally got around to tasting the Green Label: with so many positive reviews floating around the internet already, and having achieved an outstanding 95-point score in Jim Murray’s 2010 Whisky Bible, how could they not be?

The nose is an instant classic; it seems almost a stereotype, hitting nearly all of the notes that a well-balanced whisky should hit, with there being pepper, a certain saltiness, fruits (both ripe, sweet citrus flesh and apples), some caramel sweetness, and just a touch of earthiness – all combined into a full, thick aroma. For a blended whisky costing under $47, this is a superb nose. The palate does not fail to live up to expectations either, and packs a healthy bit of spice along with a touch of smoke, and the citrus fruits are still very much present – though the apple has been replaced by a mixed bag of dried fruits. Add to that a spoonful of heather honey, some toffee and a couple of nuts and you’re home.

In short, then, the Johnnie Walker Green Label is a fantastically well-balanced blend and presents a wide range of both smells and flavors that both experienced whisky fanatics and those who have recently lost their whisky virginity are sure to enjoy.

Color: White wine.

Nose: Peppery, slightly salty, ripe citrus flesh, apple, caramel, slightly earthy.

Palate: Spice, some smoke, citrus, dried fruits, heather honey, toffee, nuts.

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