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Kilchoman Busts Out The 2007


2007 was the last time the Kilchoman Distillery made whisky good enough to wash your boots. We kid, we kid, get that blood pressure back down. Kilchoman Distillery, in case you are not familiar with the name, is the newest distillery on the whisky-famous Scottish island of Islay – it opened in 2005 as the first new distillery on the island in 124 years and still practices the traditional floor malting method. The 2007 single malt is their oldest whisky to be released since their debut and features a smoky vanilla and caramel nose with hints of lemon, butterscotch and citrus before ending in a combo peaty/fruity finish.

Only 10,000 bottles of 2007 Kilchoman [92 proof, 46% alcohol] will be released at limited locations for $86 per 750ml bottle on October 7, 2013 or you can visit the official Kilchoman Distillery site if you are unable to find a Kilchoman-selling location near you.

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