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Will You Win The Bunnahabhain 40 Lottery?


First, try and find 40-year-old whisky – that narrows down the field quite a bit. Good, now try and find 40-year-old whisky from Scotland, anywhere in Scotland. That slices it down a bit more. Now, try and find 40-year-old whisky from Islay. That leaves you with Bunnahabhain’s recently released 40-year-old whisky that was first discovered hiding in distillery ledgers and finally stashed away in the distillery itself. The Bunnahabhain 40-year-old’s taste promises to be unique due to the fact that the distillery does not heavily peat the fine malted barley and it was held in Turney casks used by Glasgow wine merchants – considered to be some of the highest quality of its day.

Only 750 bottles of Bunnahabhain 40-year-old whisky will be released – each individually numbered and hand-signed – to find out how you can get a bottle, visit the Bunnahabhain site.

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