WC Saves The Best For Last – Atlas Dragonfruit Cider


It is with some amount of sadness that WhiskyCritic’s weeklong tasting spree has come to an end – for now, future tasting sprees are on the horizon – but we end this month’s tasting spree with the best of the bunch, Atlas Dragonfruit Cider from Atlas Hard Cider Company in Bend, Oregon.

Atlas’ Blackberry Cider has long been a favorite of ours and Atlas feels the same way as they have nominated it for the honor of being the state’s official cider, but now there may be a new sheriff on the block, for us, anyway. The Atlas Dragonfruit Cider brings all the fruit that the blackberry cider does and throws in some prickly pear juice for good measure. You are not losing any noticeable alcohol content – the blackberry carries 6.2% to 6.0% for the dragonfruit – but you get the prickly pear juice as a bonus and that means some extra sweetness but with a slight kick as well. To our taste buds, this is what is officially categorized as a win-win.

WC officially awards Atlas Dragonfruit Cider with a lofty 97 out of 100 on our scale of cider goodness – and crown it as our current king of ciders.

Atlas Dragonfruit Cider will be available shortly [June] – for $6 per 22-ounce bottle – but also keep an eyeball open for their Pineapple-Mango Cider for those backyard summer barbecues.

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