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Whisky Review – J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782


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WhiskyCritic recently had the opportunity to try a few drops of J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782 – a whisky blend from Vienna, Austria.

J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa began life as a Poland-based company – hence, the name translating to “monopoly” in Polish – but long ago was taken over by Austrian interests and, in fact, promotes itself as the “the purveyor to the Imperial Austrian and Royal Hungarian Court since 1810” on the label and is mostly known for their other products, primarily their vodka.

J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782 is purported to be an original blend of whiskies aged in oak casks for an undetermined amount of years – and based on WC’s tasting, that number likely is not too high – that was bottled at 43% alcohol by volume [86 proof].

Upon being released from its whisky cap, J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa 1782 brazenly assaults the nose with immediate and strong medicinal, somewhat peaty, aroma flows that never really settle down over time and exposure to air while resting in a glass. However, what begins rather harshly, is not followed up in the taste buds where J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782 is much smoother than anticipated [by the aroma, anyway] and eventually gives way to notes of oak and perhaps a hint of honey, depending upon an individual’s taste buds. Essentially, J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782 has more bark [aroma] than bite [taste] – but that is a good thing.

Overall, J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782 is a decidedly average whisky – and that is reflected in the price range [roughly, $20-25 for a 750ml bottle] – which is also a good thing, the whisky is not overpriced.

WC awards a score of 73 out of 100 to J.A. Baczewski Monopolowa Whisky 1782 – it is not a whisky which will knock your socks off with taste – either bad or good – but it will also not bankrupt your bank account. It could be a good secondary whisky to have in your liquor cabinet when your primary whisky supply is unexpectedly depleted.

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