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Whisky Tourism Gets Boost of £3 Million


A record-breaking £3 million investment into Scotch whisky tourism has revealed the unprecedented growth that the young industry is experiencing.  Scotch Whisky Experience received the needed boost to enhance the way visitors engage with distilling whisky.

According to a press release, the project will recreate certain facets of the t=whusky journey while expanding hosting and service capacity. A team, led by architects Hatto + Partners, aims to improve visitor experience and construct stronger connections to Scotland’s whisky heritage.

History of Scotch Whisky Experience

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In 1988 the Scotch Whisky Experience was created on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, with over 225,000 visitors taking the tour every year. As the years rolled on, the attraction has grown more popular and is now overwhelmed with annual tourist visits.

Suddenly, three years of strategic planning are finally going into action. The buzz of renovation is in the air and they have created processes and designs that delve deep into the heart of the whisky making experience.

The journey has changed. The whisky trail is more than just a physical tour that crosses mile by mile of grapes and buildings. Tourists navigate three key areas:

  • Origins: Visitors can go back in time, step into the future of stay connected to today as they browse and share a new whisky library
  • The art of whisky making: Every tourist dies to see the concoction of a whisky brand. The hows, whats, and whys are all explained, shown, and shared.
  • Maturation: A whisky isn’t a whisky until it is cask matured.  This is the moment where eyes pop open and jaws stay disclosed as they discover the secret of adding flavors naturally to whisky.

‘We know Scotch whisky and we know what delights our visitors, to see these ideas elevated through the creativity and skill of the design team was so rewarding,’ said operations director Angela Dineen.

‘The result is an incredible new experience that not only wows our visitors but also works operationally so our team is comfortable in the new spaces and excited to deliver the tour.’

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