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70 Year Old Mortlach Released


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Rather than a review, this is just a short article on a piece of news you may find interesting.

Only a few weeks ago, the world’s oldest single malt whisky was released by Gordon & MacPhail – established as a grocer and spirit merchant in 1895, G&M have ever since bought handpicked casks from distillers and created their own blends, as well as bottled single malts under licence for world famous distilleries.

One such single malt bottling is the 70 year old Mortlach, which was released earlier this month (March, 2010). Unfortunately, I don’t think I will be reviewing it – at just under $15,000, it is slightly beyond my budget. That doesn’t mean it will be for some of you, though, but I would recommend acting quickly if you’re interested in purchasing a bottle, as only 1 cask has and will be released! If you do get a chance to try it, feel free to drop a comment!

Read more about G&M and Mortlach 70 here:

Gordon & MacPhail Official Website

The Whisky Exchange (has tasting notes)

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