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New medical research of the brain has delivered the blockbusting news that the brain is in a less “chaotic” [i.e. – it’s normal state] after its been doused with six ounces of whiskey – specifically, Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

In a study recently conducted at Canada’s McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Dr. Michael Noseworthy, the co-director of the Biomedical Engineering Department, used 14 study participants to drink six ounces of Bushmills Irish Whiskey. Noseworthy tok brain scans of the participants before they downed the whiskey, directly after they drank the whiskey and then again, 90 minutes later after the whiskey dousing.


Noseworthy’s results found that in its pre-whiskey-dousing state, the brains were engaged in their preferable and typical chaotic state of making sense of their surroundings [Figure A] – but immediately after being inundated with six ounces of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, they became much more calm [Figure B]. After a 90 minute period away from the whiskey, the brain began to regain its normal chaotic state [Figure C].

Noseworthy says the brain operates best in its chaotic state when its pistons are firing on all cylinders and the images show that once the brain has been introduced to six ounces of Bushmills Irish whiskey – or any alcohol, for that matter – it significantly reduces the firing of the synapses and the brain becomes more predictable and sluggish in responses to stimuli. In short, reaction times to external stimuli will tend to be greatly affected.

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