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Brora 30 Year Old bot. 2007


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If you are on a budget, I’d turn and run right now, before you get so intrigued as to find yourself unable to do anything but buy a bottle – or at least a glass (if you can find a bar that stocks it, which I doubt). The bottle that I’m taking a look at today doesn’t come cheap, you see, as it is currently selling around the $465 mark. If you do have the money to spend, however, I would definitely read on.

The whisky that I’ve had the pleasure (and yes – odd as it is, it was a pleasure) to try this time around is Brora 30 year old (bot. 2007). If you’re looking for something different, something not everyone has tried before, and something that sticks out from the crowd – well, my friend, you have found it. The nose is an absolute beast! At first sweet; nutty in a creamy sort of way, caramel, and best of all – this particular element swept me off my feet – it had smell that I’ve only ever experienced in one place before, and that is the intense and warm sweetness of a shortbread factory. Now, so far it sounds like any other good, sweet and well-rounded whisky, and so far it should. What comes after this warm welcome of olfactory orgasm is where it starts to differentiate itself from the rest; under the sweetness you will find a uniquely farm-like smell that screams of Brora. It has been described as standing in a cow barn on a rainy day, and I think that sums it up perfectly; leather, earth, summer rain, hay, yeast… It’s outstanding.

The palate is… Massive, it’s a monster. Slightly sharper than I had expected, the first thing that came to mind was a whisky mustard that I made myself a couple of years ago. In fact, why haven’t I made that again? Better make a note of it. Anyway, after the mustard comes a sweet yet zesty lemon mousse-like flavour, which is accompanied by a salty caramel, and finally some apple and my favorite spice of all: cardamom. The palate isn’t quite as good as the nose, but I still love it.

In summary, this is an utterly unique whisky. I can’t think of one like it. It is also an incredibly good whisky, and though it is expensive it does offer great value for money. If you can afford it, get it.

Color: Gold – pure and simple.

Nose: Sweet nutty caramel, warm shortbread, leather, earth, summer rain, hay, yeast.

Taste: Mustard, zesty lemon mousse, salty caramel, apple, cardamom.

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