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Seagram’s 5 Star Rye Whisky Review


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After seeing a number of positive reviews for Seagram’s 5 Star Rye, I became curious about this drink.  As it turned out, it was quite hard to find.  I am in the US, and Seagram is a Canadian brand which is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.  I finally located a bottle of Seagram’s 5 Star Rye for about $30.00.  It should be noted that even though Seagram’s 5 Star Rye is labeled as “rye,” unlike most Canadian “ryes” it is actually really rye.  Canadian ryes are generally labeled as such for historical reasons; these days most of them contain high corn-to-rye ratios, but Seagram’s 5 Star Rye is an exception.  It actually was made from rye grain.

The color of Seagram’s 5 Star Rye is a honey gold.  When I smell the rye I can detect floral notes and hints of sweetness and spice.  Despite the sweet aroma, this is a very pungent drink, and I have to admit it isn’t particularly flavorful.  Indeed, it’s rather standard as far as rye flavor goes, which isn’t bad—and if I lived in Canada, it’d probably be more affordable.  I did try mixing Seagram’s 5 Star Rye with a few other drinks and was pleased with the result—much more pleased than I was with drinking it straight.

So, if you want to try a genuine Canadian rye, this is one brand you can test out.  Again, though, if you aren’t in Canada, you may be paying top dollar.  I’ve seen Seagram’s 5 Star Rye go for as much as $60.00 online.  In Canada this rye goes for a great deal less and is typically bought more casually and used to mix drinks.  Many other ryes are comparable in flavor and quality and won’t run you as high a price.  Still, though, if you’re curious, you should enjoy it.  Just hunt around for a good price before you buy Seagram’s 5 Star Rye—this isn’t a value worth $60.00—the high price is just the result of poor availability.  There are good prices out there; it just can be tricky to locate them.



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