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Ardbeg Releases Heavy Vapours


Islay distillery Ardbeg has released a limited edition single malt – Heavy Vapours – to celebrate the 2023 Fèis Ìle music and malt festival.

Ardbeg is known for their normally peat-y whiskies, however, Ardbeg Heavy Vapours has been distilled without a purifier – the device on a still responsible for maintaining the brand’s balance between extreme peat and floral fruitiness – and, as a result, is said to offer notes of cardamom, dark chocolate and peppermint.

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours has been released in conjunction with the 2023 Fèis Ìle Festival, which runs from May 26 to June 3, 2023 – with Ardbeg Day held on the last Saturday of the event (June 3).

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours is being made available for $150 per bottle from the official website [ardbeg.com] and from the distillery visitor center.

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