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Balblair 1989


Having previously tried, and quite enjoyed, the 1997 expression of Balblair, I decided to treat myself to a miniature bottle of the 1989 when I saw it at the shop the other day. It was the first time in quite a while that I purchased a miniature bottle, actually; I often find that I will drink them, enjoy them, and feel obliged to buy a full sized bottle – as you might imagine, it can easily turn into a costly affair!

The 1997 expression is very fruity and sweet, and I expected much the same from the 1989. Disappointment, luckily, was far away as I poured and savored my little double of 1989. Lovely sweet, and slightly tangy, green apples joyfully made their presence known to my nose, along with a cheeky bit of pear. Much like the 1997, though I would say to a slightly lesser extent, they were also joined by a bit of warm banana, a touch of lemon, and some vanilla/bourbon notes. From what I remember, I think I prefer the nose on the 1997 slightly, but they are both good.

Not entirely surprising, the palate also presents lots of lovely fruit – starting off with a healthy serving of raisins which is soon joined by a hint of mellow apricot, some vanilla and oak, and finally a gentle sprinkle of spice which makes wakes your palate up slightly and helps savor the fruity flavors. The finish is quite smooth and creamy, the flavor is mainly oaky.

A lovely, easy to drink glass, which would probably go down quite well with pretty much anyone who enjoys a sweet and fruity whisky. Its main fault is its price tag, though; around $70 in the UK there are far cheaper whiskies which offer much better value for money. That said, I would certainly recommend that you try at least a miniature!

Color: Amber.

Nose: Sweet and tangy green apple, pear, warm banana, some lemon and vanilla/bourbon.

Palate: Raisins, mellow apricot, vanilla, oak, gentle spice.

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