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Four Roses Single Barrel



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Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon is a select, high quality bourbon which is released only in limited quantities every year.  Each bottle comes with a label which includes the name of the warehouse and racking location where the bourbon was aged, prior to being sampled for quality and bottled by hand.  Considering the care and craft which goes into the creation of Four Roses Single Barrel vintages, it is surprising that you can purchase them for the fairly low cost of $25.00-$35.00.

It comes in an elegant bottle which is embossed with the four roses logo, giving it some depth and dimension.  The bourbon has a deep amber color which is almost reddish in its tint, seeming somehow evocative of the name “Four Roses.”  The liquid looks viscous but not too thick.

The Four Roses Single Barrel has a classic bourbon aroma with a lot of spiciness and also some honey and floral notes.  In terms of taste and consistency, it is pleasantly smooth and warm.  Melon and peach notes melt into a caramel finish.  There is a spiciness throughout the experience which mirrors the aroma, and a subtlety which is hard to describe since there is so much complexity at work here.

Four Roses Single Barrel is a smooth, delicious bourbon which offers exclusive flavor at an affordable price.  Usually you’ll only see single barrel select bourbons like this at high prices, but Four Roses is affordable within pretty much any budget.  Four Roses releases one of these single barrel bourbons every year, and every year is supposed to be unique.  I will be excited to try some of the other years to see if they were as good as this one.

Color:  Reddish amber.

Nose:  Honey, spice, floral notes.

Taste:  Melon, peach, caramel, spice.

Want to buy this whisky? Available in: USA & World (click), UK & Europe (click)

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