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Mexican Corn Whisky Launches in US Markets


A new Mexican corn whisky has entered the US drinks market. Known as Gran Maizal, the corn-based spirit is drawn from the ancestral heritage of Mexico.

The new Mexican whiskey, founded by Cesar Ayala and Gonzalo de la Pezuela, is crafted from ingredients from ancient Mexico. It will support small-scale farmers while promoting maize biodiversity. The partners are owners of the Mexican distillery Destileria La Vibora in Merida

In a press statement released by de la Pezuela, the partners expressed their pride in the new whisky.

“By exploring the treasured provenance of the Yucatan, we can now offer an expanded experience for sipping whisky. The character emanates from thousands of years of Mesoamerican culture proudly passed on from one generation to the next,”

How the Mexican Corn Whisky Is Made

Mexican Corn Whisky

According to Ayala, the expression inspired hard work and research from the community. A collaborative effort between farmers, distillers, scientists, and whisky experts produced Gran Maizal. Dr. Francisco Ruiz and Heather Greene provided ideas and feedback for the whisky profile.

In the press release, Ayala explained the process and its lore.

  • The process begins with fermentation. This is activated with a natural proprietary yeast developed by our master distiller.
  • Distillation follows in the copper pot still removing undesirable compounds. Although the process includes aggressive cuts, it results in a clean and distinctive distillate.
  • In the aging process, maturing porous terracotta vessels are designed for Gran Maizal. These help to preserve the character of nixtamalized maize while blending the flavor with toasted wood and enhancing aromatics.
  • Yet the whisky does not complete the aging cycle in the terracotta vessels. Another step follows where a dash of cured vanilla pods from Papantla and cacao nibs of the Almendra Blanca variety are added. These rest for some time with the whisky before filtering and bottling.
  • The bottle is decorated with a texture reminiscent of the ripples on sacred pools of water, natural terracotta, and corn husks.


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