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WC Tries And Likes Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old


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In hindsight, it would probably be difficult to not like Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old. The Highland single malt scotch whisky is probably – along with The MacAllan – one of the more recognizable of the single malts and one of the most pleasurable to drink.

That is because it does not singe your throat on the way down – though some people like their whisky to do that – and both its aromas and tasting notes are pleasant [and there are some people who do not like that, as they would like their whisky to have an attitude]. The Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old is like chocolate or vanilla ice cream – almost everybody likes one or the other by itself. Sure, there are various exotic ways of adding things to both chocolate and vanilla, but by themselves, they are just fine. That is similar to the way it is with Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old.

There are other single malts that bring more action or, perhaps, are more smooth – though WC feels Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old is at least in the ballpark with any single malt whisky calling itself “smooth” – but Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old is that rare beast which can please almost everybody almost all the time. We liked what we detected was a buttery note and unlike some other whiskies we have tested in the past, there was no drinker’s remorse seconds later. It was all good with Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old.

Therefore, WhiskyCritic assigns one of our best scores – 97 – to Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old and hopes that you may hoist a glass or two [or three] of this fine single malt whisky sometime during this holiday season.



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