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Buffalo Trace Has OFC


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Buffalo Trace will release their 1994 vintage O.F.C. – Old Fashioned Copper – Bourbon, but you better bring your wallet if you want any of it.

Old Fashioned Copper was the original name of the distillery prior to Buffalo Trace and the 1994 vintage is bottled at 45% alcohol by volume [90 proof] and is said to contain notes of caramel, cinnamon and coffee. Buffalo Trace O.F.C. 1994 Vintage also features a back label that highlights events from that year – such as the premiere of the film “Pulp Fiction”, Nelson Mandela’s inauguration and OJ Simpson’s police chase.

Now for the hard part – Buffalo Trace O.F.C. 1994 Vintage is being made available in the USA beginning in late November 2019 for a whopping $2,500 per bottle.

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