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It Is All About The Love For Uncle Nearest


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Uncle Nearest debuted their newest television advertisement with a Motown song by Frank Wilson entitled “Do I Love You? [Indeed I Do]”.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey was launched in 2017 to celebrate Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green, a formerly enslaved man who was the first-known African-American master distiller and is continuing that approach by featuring lesser-known American-based stories.

Wilson’s song was originally due to be released in the USA in late 1965 by Motown but never was due to Motown bigwig Berry Gordy not being too keen on the vocals and Wilson choosing instead to pursue a producing career. All but two-to-five [there is some dispute] of the song’s demos were then destroyed. One of those remaining two/five were played at a nightclub in the UK and the song was officially released by Motown – in the UK only – in 1979.

Fawn Weaver – the CEO and founder of Uncle Nearest – is the daughter of Wilson.

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