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Bowmore 25 Year Old


Today’s review is of another Japanese whisky (I’ve previously reviewed Suntory Yamazaki). Established in 1779 on an island well known of its whisky production, it is one of the oldest distilleries on that island and indeed the country to which it belongs. I’m being cryptic on purpose here, of course; any guesses as to which distillery, or island, I’m talking about? Five points if you get it right – the distillery in question is Bowmore, and the island Islay – Bowmore is owned by the Japanese company Suntory, but fear not; the whisky is still as Scottish as can be.

The expression I shall be taking a look at today is the 25 year old 2007 release, at roughly $270 a bottle it is the most expensive whisky I will have reviewed to date. If I were to get straight to the point and say whether it is worth it, I would say… Well… YES! This is a prize winning whisky, and for a reason – it is incredibly good. If you want to impress on your father in law, this is the whisky you’re looking for. Gah, I’m melting!

A luscious dark-leather brown, the nose is full of a sherry-infused fruity sweetness (pear, sweet juicy apple), toffee, and just a touch of that well known Bowmore smokiness. On the palate it is mellow yet complex, and absolutely packed with incredibly well balanced flavors; toffee, maple syrup, nuttiness, Demerara sugar, a lovers stroke of salt and just a whisper of peaty smoke. Truly amazing, a masterpiece.

Color: Dark, leathery brown.

Nose: Sherry-infused fruitiness, pears, sweet juicy apple, toffee, touch of smoke.

Taste: Mellow, complex; toffee, maple syrup, nuttiness, Demerara sugar, hint of salt, whisper of smoke.

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