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Jameson 18 Year Old


If I say Irish Coffee, which whiskey (yep, with an E, silly Irish…) comes to mind? Chances are it will be Jameson – the classic choice – though I would save that job for one of this guy’s younger brothers, as it would be a waste of both money and fine whiskey.

While they’ve given up arguing over who’s the oldest Irish whiskey with Bushmills, there is no contest over who’s more popular. Jameson is the best selling Irish whiskey pretty much wherever you go, and having been around since the late 1700s, they certainly aren’t new to the game either.

This post is a first on 2 accounts here on the blog, in being both the first blended and the first Irish whiskey I’ve reviewed. In fact, it is the first non-Scottish whisky full stop, and as such I’d secretly like to say I don’t like it; but I’m finding it difficult to produce any good arguments against tasting it – it is, unfortunately, rather good.

The nose and taste are incredibly well balanced, with that unique Irish oiliness ever present, and I’ve always been weak for a toffee/vanilla finish – which it has. That said, though, I do have to say that it is a bit on the pricey side. Going for between $95-115 it’s not cheap, especially considering that you can pick up a bottle of the Scottish blended whisky Whyte & Mackay 22 Year old – Supreme for $80, without sacrificing the happiness of your taste buds. That said, if you’re after a more refined version of the 12 year old Jameson, you won’t be disappointed, but in my opinion you get better value for money with the 12 year old special reserve, at under half the price.

Eye: Amber, dark

Nose:  Citrus, overripe autumn fruit, honey, fudge and mildly spicy, and it must be said that they all comes together beautifully.

Taste: Very smooth indeed, with hints of leather, vanilla fudge, nuts – and there is no hiding that it has spent some time in a sherry cask; overall very well balanced with a nice, rounded, sweet aftertaste that lingers pleasantly in your mouth.

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