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Mumford Whiskey In The Barrel


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What is going on here!? First there was Selena Gomez taking a shot of Jack and now here is Mumford and Sons – the popular bluegrass, alt-folk or whatever you want to call them [just don’t call them rock-and-roll, Alice Cooper says real rock-and-rollers can’t be vegans and have to eat steak] musicians jumping on the whiskey train. The Mumfords, rather than subtly sponsor a particular brand by admitting they drank it on all their birthdays, have decided instead to just cut to the chase and form their own distillery. Of course, starting a whiskey distillery takes time and can be a distraction on the tour schedule so the Mumfords’ front man Ben Lovett says – We better get cracking!”

WC expects Mumford Whiskey to hit your doorstep in five years [for the bad stuff], 10 years [for the good stuff], 12 years [for the better stuff] or never.

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