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WhiskyCritic vs. The Old Fashioned Cocktail


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On a recent foray into whisky cocktail land, WhiskyCritic was understandably flummoxed by the possibilities that existed for mixing whiskies with a wide spectrum of ingredients from ant droppings to essence of rutabaga. Faced with such a daunting task of selecting an appropriate whisky cocktail to review, WC decided to go with the old favorite – the Old-Fashioned.

Although the accompanying photo depicts Grant’s, the establishment serving us initially chose to ply us with Bulleit bourbon as the main ingredient but we protested to this selection and they immediately plied us instead with a dollop of Glenfiddich – a more than fitting substitute that we were extremely pleased with. The result was a slightly sweeter but certainly more enjoyable cocktail with the Glenfiddich not overpowering the cast of familiar ingredients [which included Australian bitters subbing for the more traditional Angostura bitters] but rather, enhancing them.

WC gives the Old-Fashioned cocktail with Glenfiddich and Australian bitters an 88 out of 100 possible Old-Fashioned cocktail points.


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