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WC Encounters Elk Rider Rye Whiskey


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WC continues this week’s tasting spree with a dollop of Elk Rider rye whiskey from Heritage Distilling in Gig Harbor in the state of Washington.

Elk Rider rye whiskey has been bottled at 46% ABV [92 Proof] and is said to contain notes of notes of orange, clove, honey, and pepper/spice but all WC noticed was the clove and spice, especially at the finish and in lingering traces. We did not detect any orange and certainly not any honey. Although there was a brief smoothness at the first taste, that effect lasted all of, we will conservatively say, five seconds. After that, this whiskey was coming at you and taking no prisoners. If you are a fan of rye whiskey, this is no real big surprise though – so whether or not you like Elk Rider rye whiskey will likely depend on how much you like any rye whiskey.

Elk Rider rye whiskey has a good pedigree with a pair of gold medals from competitions in New York in 2014 and 2016 so you know somebody likes it. For WC, it garners a solid-but-not-spectacular 83 out of 100 on our scale of whiskey goodness.

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